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May 2, 2013 § Leave a comment

It’s an unfortunate truth that if I stopped working Thursdays, I wouldn’t be able to afford anything but lentils and rice. If I lived in a boring town with no sense of creativity (is there such a place?) this would be okay, but REAL good things keep happening on Thursdays and it’s verging on torture..

Take tonight at Muchmore’s: halfsour + Summer Saints + Infinity Hotel.

halfsour is a new band from Boston, made up of three very cool people. Their bandcamp went live just yesterday with the songs from a five track cassette (c/o everydayisamixtape) and I’m happy to say it’s fun and catchy and very worth the fifteen minutes of your life it’ll take to listen.


I KNOW, right? Also playing tonight is vaguely Boston-connected Summer Saints (hey why is none of your stuff online JOE?) and Infinity Hotel.

Facebook RSVP heeereeee but 8 PM and $5 is kinda all you need to know


nyc // prince rupert’s drops

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Tell me, have you met Prince Rupert’s Drops?

I love this song:


The internet tells me that Run Slow, which came out in Autumn 2012, is their debut album despite being a band since 2005. I guess we’re all pretty late to the game, but another one of my resolutions is to see them before summer’s end. You can stream the whole album hereĀ and maybe you’ll go see em at Knitting Factory July 5th?

nyc // DBA in like two hours

April 28, 2013 § 1 Comment

I have a pretty strong aversion to doing things on Sunday nights. Besides the part where it’s pretty wonderful to have a lazy day and turn in early with your ex-boyfriend’s Netflix, I think the core issue is alternate side parking. I usually have to move my car by 8 AM on Monday morning (I realize I could be outside moving it right now but I’m busy) and I really like getting more than five hours of sleep in a row. Also, I have cats. Three of them. You’re asking me to leave the futon party I’m hosting?

That being said, the show at Death by Audio might make me put on pants! Seriously! Pile and Fat History Month are rolling through on their way back to Boston after one epic tour and, if you didn’t know already… they’re good!


Goes like this: Pile, Fat History Month, Porches, Bennio Qwerty.

$7 8 PM doors hop to it!

nyc // whoa

February 22, 2013 § 1 Comment

It seems I’m getting back into regular posting! Tell your friends! I will try and stay relevant even though I’m currently listening to “Rhiannon” on repeat.

Speedy Ortiz is a band you’re probably familiar with if you live in Massachusetts and have paid attention to show listings in the past oh… year. They’re real good. Fun fact is that I met two of my favorite NYC people at a Quilty show (the band Sadie used to be in) at Goodbye Blue Monday in May 2011.

If you’re not familiar, I suggest you listen here:

They’ll be at Cameo tomorrow on one dreamy bill, and you ought to consider it. My roommate is working in the front bar too so you better be nice to her. Am I not being convincing enough? Shark? is playing too! What else do you need!!! I would be there but I’m going to be in Narragansett watching Saturday Night Live with my parents and I’m really excited.

nyc // darling’s release show!

February 15, 2013 § 1 Comment

It’s about damn time the world got to have and hold Perfect Trip, the newest Darlings record.

I am avoiding hyperbole when I admit to you that I am obsessed with this record. Listen and join me:

Then go! Celebrate! Death by Audio tonight, $7!

Almost forgot, you get to hang with these fine folks as well:
~~ Rifle Recoil
~~~ Grand Rapids
~~~~ The Doozies

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