oh, things

February 20, 2013 § 1 Comment

I just figured out that we let http://www.pilgrimsofsound.com die! Like, the domain! You could buy it! What would you do with it, I wonder?

This is all wonderful beautiful fantastic WordPress’s fault, naturally. Why have a domain when you can throw any ole phrase in the gap between “http://” and “wordpress.com”?! The only reason I’m telling you this (my stories are shorter in person) is to let you know that I had to create a new email. I’ve been wondering why you guys hadn’t been bothering me about anything besides Favoriting every Tweet I ever Twat, but now I understand. I moved and I didn’t change my address, something I did in real life too and that’s why someone off the Morgan stop has MY Girlfriend’s shirt! VINTAGE.

Talk to me! katepilgrim1 AT gmail DOT com until I can get a hold of Cat and figure out what the password for pilgrimsofsound@gmail.com is. LIFE.

Also this means that you probably haven’t seen this picture blown up in a while, so I’ll leave you with that…



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