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February 20, 2013 § 1 Comment

I’m having a really hard time getting anything done. I’ve realized that not next Wednesday and not the Wednesday after that, but the one after THAT, I will be in Austin. I will not be wearing the huge sweater I am right now. I will probably be eating/just ate/about to eat a taco. You guys can gripe about SX as much as you want, for me it was a happy place (this comes from adopting an “eff it I’ll see them in NYC” attitude that saved my feet and friendships).

Anywho, life continues. There’s a cat on my lap and a pot of coffee in front of me. What’s going on?

*True story I’ve had this window open for about an hour now just talking to Laura (that’s my roommate) about pierogi trucks and Girls and boys*

It’s dinner time, so I’m just going to leave you with the knowledge and the recommendation that Boston’s Ex-Magicians have generously offered up their EP at a name-your-own/don’t-be-a-jerk price. And that I like it! Also they mentioned me on their Facebook page today which made my heart smile.

Theirs was the last show I ever saw at WWTA, and a tape that I own proudly.


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