nyc // shark? saturday?

February 2, 2013 § 1 Comment

Well here we are, the night of approximately 56,098 events. I realize you’re probably feeling overwhelmed, confused, happy, sad, mad and hungry while looking right in the face of a giant case of FOMO. Happens to the best of us, and there is no wrong decision. That being said, welcome to the post where I present three reasons to come hang out with us at Danny Screams in Not Kent Street Williamsburg tonight.

A. Shark? and The Hairs and Liz Hogg (of Beach Arabs and Kissing is a Crime). ARE YOU KIDDING.



B. Danny Screams!
WHAT! A place you might not have been to before!!! Isn’t that what New York’s all about?!!? A cool spot at Grand and Leonard, I think you can see Bushwick Country Club from it? Just in case you need cheese balls. But yeah, nice dudes who let us have the best time back in December – more here.

C. DJs Elfgirl and KatePilgrim!
Working in a venue ourselves, we know well that the biggest buzz kill is when the crowd turns and runs as soon as the last band is over. WHERE ARE YOU GOING? DO YOU LIKE US? Well, not here, not tonight. I always say that my friend Becky is the one who taught me to dance in public and Erin (Elfgirl) is the one who showed me it’s cool to dance at shows. And I don’t dance unless it’s GOOD, so you know no bad songs will touch your ears.

That’s all I got. If you’re seeing some other band (why), you should come by for the dance portion of the evening. If you’re planning on dancing somewhere else, you should come for the band portion of the evening. If you need to stay in and go to bed early, that’s fair and we all need that sometimes.


8:30 Doors, $7 >>facebook invite<<


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