nyc // whoa

February 22, 2013 § 1 Comment

It seems I’m getting back into regular posting! Tell your friends! I will try and stay relevant even though I’m currently listening to “Rhiannon” on repeat.

Speedy Ortiz is a band you’re probably familiar with if you live in Massachusetts and have paid attention to show listings in the past oh… year. They’re real good. Fun fact is that I met two of my favorite NYC people at a Quilty show (the band Sadie used to be in) at Goodbye Blue Monday in May 2011.

If you’re not familiar, I suggest you listen here:

They’ll be at Cameo tomorrow on one dreamy bill, and you ought to consider it. My roommate is working in the front bar too so you better be nice to her. Am I not being convincing enough? Shark? is playing too! What else do you need!!! I would be there but I’m going to be in Narragansett watching Saturday Night Live with my parents and I’m really excited.


boston // ex-magicians

February 20, 2013 § 1 Comment

I’m having a really hard time getting anything done. I’ve realized that not next Wednesday and not the Wednesday after that, but the one after THAT, I will be in Austin. I will not be wearing the huge sweater I am right now. I will probably be eating/just ate/about to eat a taco. You guys can gripe about SX as much as you want, for me it was a happy place (this comes from adopting an “eff it I’ll see them in NYC” attitude that saved my feet and friendships).

Anywho, life continues. There’s a cat on my lap and a pot of coffee in front of me. What’s going on?

*True story I’ve had this window open for about an hour now just talking to Laura (that’s my roommate) about pierogi trucks and Girls and boys*

It’s dinner time, so I’m just going to leave you with the knowledge and the recommendation that Boston’s Ex-Magicians have generously offered up their EP at a name-your-own/don’t-be-a-jerk price. And that I like it! Also they mentioned me on their Facebook page today which made my heart smile.

Theirs was the last show I ever saw at WWTA, and a tape that I own proudly.

oh, things

February 20, 2013 § 1 Comment

I just figured out that we let die! Like, the domain! You could buy it! What would you do with it, I wonder?

This is all wonderful beautiful fantastic WordPress’s fault, naturally. Why have a domain when you can throw any ole phrase in the gap between “http://” and “”?! The only reason I’m telling you this (my stories are shorter in person) is to let you know that I had to create a new email. I’ve been wondering why you guys hadn’t been bothering me about anything besides Favoriting every Tweet I ever Twat, but now I understand. I moved and I didn’t change my address, something I did in real life too and that’s why someone off the Morgan stop has MY Girlfriend’s shirt! VINTAGE.

Talk to me! katepilgrim1 AT gmail DOT com until I can get a hold of Cat and figure out what the password for is. LIFE.

Also this means that you probably haven’t seen this picture blown up in a while, so I’ll leave you with that…


nyc // darling’s release show!

February 15, 2013 § 1 Comment

It’s about damn time the world got to have and hold Perfect Trip, the newest Darlings record.

I am avoiding hyperbole when I admit to you that I am obsessed with this record. Listen and join me:

Then go! Celebrate! Death by Audio tonight, $7!

Almost forgot, you get to hang with these fine folks as well:
~~ Rifle Recoil
~~~ Grand Rapids
~~~~ The Doozies

nyc // nude beach!

February 14, 2013 § 1 Comment

I really need to stop working Friday nights… Here’s your advance warning for a pretty ideal FREE show at Lulu’s!

If you haven’t heard the “new” Nude Beach stuff (versus the stuff from June 2011 when I saw them with Liquor Store), you gotta.


Add in the always mind-blowing Crystal Stilts and the really hard to google-search What Next? (who I think is made of ex-German Measles people but I can’t find confirmation. Whatever, we saw them open for Twerps a while ago and it was really good).

To sweeten the deal, you realize Lulu’s is one of those bars that does a free pizza for every drink you drink? Probably my favorite of the free pizza bars cos the pizza is good and there’s Christmas lights usually. This is the kinda show I would absolutely pay money for. 9 PM!

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