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November 29, 2012 § 1 Comment

Oh hey it’s me, with the wind back in my sails (there’s a joke about the Mayflower that I really don’t feel like making).

There’s been a draft about Radar Eyes, a band I like a lot from Chicago, lingering on my WordPress since they came to town a couple weeks ago. And now because I’ve been up since 7 AM, read a book, ate two bowls of cereal and drank two cups of tea, I’m reminded that I ought to actually post something about them. Myself and two great lady friends decided to check them out one Saturday at Cake Shop; I can’t remember who we decided to miss, but we chose right.

Their debut full-length came out on Hozac in February 2012, but I somehow missed it entirely, as is so easy to do. It really does pay to work somewhere with a constantly updated iPod, not to mention a playlist that sounds like your boss lives in your brain.

Anyways, enough words. Check it out…

Click through this link to stream the whole album that was released in February 2012, that I somehow missed entirely…

nyc // late notice — parquet courts

November 8, 2012 § 1 Comment

Parquet Courts is one of those bands that, if you saw me only once a week, you couldn’t not know how much I love them. Maybe I’d be playing the album front to back at work /// be running to see them after eating one of your sandwiches at another one of your bars /// oh I don’t know.. just talking about them on a street corner.

This has been going on for a while now (eeeh I sound vaguely psychotic), but what with moving-and-hurricanes-and-killing-our-first-roach, I’ve hardly had time to sit and collect these thoughts. Seeing them get a happy lil write-up from Pitchfork kinda gave my lethargy the kick in the butt it needed. Pretty impossible to say “I told you so” if I don’t ever tell you so, isn’t it? Whoa.

Thing is, I’ve recommended this band to very different sorts of people. I’ve dragged friends who had no business liking this band. And everyone does. IT’S CATCHY. It’s nervy.  It’s so, so good.

You can listen here…

And if you like it, I would absolutely buy it. I sure did. My cat tried to sit on it and it was a scary moment for both of us.

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