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October 25, 2012 § 1 Comment

So, I happen to like the dudes over at Pretty & Nice quite a bit. Do you know them? They’re great, and so is their band. Plus, boy, are they smart…

You see, P&N have been running a PledgeMusic campaign for the release of their new EP, Us You All We, aaaand it’s kind of a no brainer situation. Pledge now and get access to instant song streams and exclusive content (who doesn’t like the ole +1?), in addition to a variety of choose your own adventure type of exclusives.

Basically, spend $5 -> get mp3s. Spend $10 -> get the record delivered. Spend $20 -> record + release party tix in Boston or NYC. $25+ -> THE MOON!

Thing is, it’s getting down to the wire… there’s only twenty hours left in the Pledge campaign, and they’re at a “paign”fully (AH) close 88%. I hope you’ll consider donating! I mean, c’mon, a record plus a t-shirt plus A TACO NIGHT? This is the best deal going! I love tacos.

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