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June 6, 2012 § 1 Comment

This is tonight! Public Assembly 9 PM! Because of a lack of time, and really since I don’t think I could put it better, click through to see what Sippy Cup Mike has to say about the contenders…

Celestial Shore have only a few minutes of recorded music, all found on their bandcamp page. But the value in those minutes is unquestionable, as the quintet’s ability to counter Don Cab rhythms with Brian Wilson harmonies is sure to cause any set of ears to ask WTF. The best part is, they Brooklynites do it with such ease, as if the music they’re making has been done by every other band in town (it’s not). Rumor is a full-length is 99.999999% completed.

Little Racer crossed the pond shortly after Sippy Cup Everything’s CMJ Showcase last October, playing several shows in the UK. Armed with their first vinyl release, Split for the Coast b/w The Town, the Brooklyn trio made quite the impression on Brits like NME, The Blue Walrus, and The 405. Expect some new songs in the mix, as the band has been only recording and eating grapes since their return.
“Little Racer”

Earthquake Party! hung out with Loroto Productions on a Friday, drank some beer and shot a music video for “Pretty Little Hand” from their debut vs. Pizza. By Monday it was edited and Wednesday it premiered on The Boston Phoenix. The band’s take on noisy pop music is just as immediate and rapid-fire, and should make fans of those familiar with the initials GBV and TNV.
“Pretty Little Hand”

Grand Resort is a dreamy project fronted by Dominican Republic expat Andrés Pichardo, only a few songs deep on their bandcamp page. His self-described fondess of “Britain’s jangle pop, C86, and shoegaze” makes a lot of sense after a few listens, and seems to be hitting home in all corners of the world. This marks the band’s first show since relocating to Brooklyn.
“Night is Dark”


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