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April 14, 2012 § 1 Comment

For a while there, my esteemed coworker and I would listen to True Waste by Shark? twice in a row every Friday Happy Hour. It was simply what was done. We were happy, the drinkers were happy, and the door guy who comes in to get two rooibus teas, a triple shot mocha and carrot cake… well, he’s always happy.

So you can understand why I nearly hit the ceiling when I saw that Shark? would be playing at one of Allston’s esteemed basements (this led me to spew forth every house name from my time in Allston and get really really REALLY nostalgic, sorry Erin). TONIGHT. WITH PALS.

Earthquake Party!
Life Size Maps
Speedy Ortiz

I happily look forward to a bunch of Shark? chatter coming from Boston tomorrow.

Gay Gardens. 8 PM or something? Annnd you know the deal – if you don’t know the address, ask. Don’t be stupid. No fuzz.


nyc // amoroso!!

April 12, 2012 § 1 Comment

I can be sickeningly nostalgic. My memory for faces and places and distinct moments veers on the absurd (never ask me to remember a name, however, because that just isn’t happening).

Exhibit A: The first time, as a Boston resident, that I went to a show alone at Great Scott. I’m not sure how I ended up there, as it was all local bands that I hadn’t become familiar with yet (This Car Up, Amoroso, Paper Thin Stages), but there I was, PBR in hand, posted up by that column that is every solo show-goer’s saving grace.

And you know what I remember? I remember the Ebow-like thing being used by Paper Thin Stages. I remember “Life In A Small House” by This Car Up (okay, maybe I am alright with names). There was that boy who asked me out because he couldn’t understand why a girl would be at a show alone. And there was that moment when Amoroso totally destroyed my mind. Before moving to Boston I was going through a pretty severe NME-influenced phase. This was different.

This is just a glimpse of the hyper-speed journey down memory lane my brain subjected me to Monday, when I saw that the very same Amoroso would be playing at Cake Shop Thursday night (that’s tonight!).

Can you handle it?

Via Audio
King Stork
Whale Belly

8 PM $8

nyc // hunxy

April 6, 2012 § 1 Comment

I’m hoping you are familiar with the fabulous Hunx and His Punx? I feel like every time Hunx and his band of polyester ladies come in to town, they run rampant for a few days then leave everyone reeling in their wake.

Well, they’re baaack. After playing Wednesday night with Heavy Cream, they’re hopping the river for a show with Natural Child at Glasslands Gallery.

And with some new tunes, to boot. Hunx minus Punx, that is…

Glasslands Gallery, tonight, $12 at doors I believe

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