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March 11, 2012 § 1 Comment

I’m trying very hard to avoid a nervous breakdown (laundry, vacuum car, WHERE IS MY AAA CARD?, cat litter, dishes, do I really need five cardigans in Texas?) so I’m just going to copy and paste (because also Sippy Cup Everything is the man)…

Lost Boy ? have been at it for a few years in a seemingly constant stream of lo-fi recordings and hi-fi songwriting. They’ve bundled up these compositions over time for several quickfire releases, most of which are available on bandcamp; standout USA USA wound up in cassette form courtesy of Old Flame Records.

Earthquake Party! are capping off their first tour from-Boston-to-Chicago-and-back with a quick weekend to Philly and NYC. Their debut batch of songs, oddly and perfectly titled vs. Pizza, appropriately captures the trio’s noisy pop sound and immediacy. Catch them with their tour tightness intact.
“Pretty Little Hand” MP3

Bambara blew everyone’s mind at Gay Gardens on 1/7 thanks to their ferocious sound (bonus points for psychy strobes and lights throughout). The NYC-via-Athens trio understand heavy, as evidenced on their Dog Ear Days debut. But these are tunes meant to be felt live; should be a treat to see them on their home turf.
“Stay Gray” MP3

Trabajo have laid out an interesting bit of framework with the five songs they’ve posted on their bandcamp. ”Slow Pageant” is full of heavy rhythms, while “Drunk Horse in Chinatown” is much softer and foreboding. All can be classified as ‘dark’, and likely to intrigue fans of Onedia, Neptune, or Shellac.
“Two Horns” MP3


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