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December 22, 2011 § 1 Comment

Still need a Christmas present for that show-going, hip, and incredibly good-looking friend in your life?

CQ Presents has come up with something so simple, such a no-brainer, that I am beginning to think they are actually geniuses: the six-month Bridge Badge! For $149 (+ $10 handling), you can go to all the Great Scott and TT the Bear’s shows you can IMAGINE. You might have to advance RSVP to some shows, but really, you can handle that.

Sit down, run the math, and think about it. With this thing in your back pocket, you could be walking by Great Scott on your way home from Staples, realize you have an hour to kill before band practice, and decide to wander in to see what The Blah Blah Blahs sound like. Without touching a single dollar bill. Imagine!!

I’m ranting. Get all the nitty-gritty HERE.

But wait, there’s more! Of all the shows you’re going to see with your slick badge, there’s a good chance Girlfriends may be on a bill or two. Which is awesome, because Girlfriends are awesome. So awesome, that they gave all of us an early Christmas present. Check out their hot new digital release and play the “Is That Andy Singing?!” game.


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