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October 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

I just got home from work. It’s 5:30 AM (don’t worry Mom, I took a cab!).

When I was waiting for the bathroom I got to hear Tropical Popsicle, and was surprised by how much I liked them, despite their name. I missed Weekend and Audacity, but my friends loved Audacity so much that they took them home (not like that). I hope you’re all having fun out there.


As far as tomorrow goes, I have insanely ambitious plans. I’m going to try to actually go to a panel at 11 (yeah, in 6 hours… my body just cried), then head to Public Assembly for this:

*Note how the flier says “til it lasts”!

Then maybe back over to Cake Shop for the kind of amazing NYCTaper free day show:

NYC Taper at Cake Shop set times
5:45pm: MR. DREAM
3:30pm: TRISTEN
1:15pm: PRUSSIA

Then?… Oh gosh. Guys. I don’t know. Maybe that’s the best part.


nyc // more

October 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

More more more.

Weekend is playing at Cake Shop tonight (and a PUMA store in like 2 hours, which I am totally going to).


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boston // big troubles

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BOSTON, I have not forgotten you. I am jealous of whoever had the brains to book this show.

Not only are New Jersey’s Big Troubles are coming to town, but so are San Francisco’s Young Prisms.

And who will be there to greet them? None other than CUFFS.


TT the Bear’s Place, tonight, $10&worthit.

nyc // wednesday afternoon

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It’s rainy and I’m really comfortable sitting in my bed with a cup of coffee. If this was any normal Wednesday, I’d continue to sit here for a lot of hours and play around on this here blog. This isn’t any normal Wednesday, though.

Free shows abound and you have just a few hours to take advantage. Let’s talk about the one I’m going to.

Do I really need to say anything else?
1:00 PM: The Immaculates [Death Class]
1:45 PM: Eternal Summers [Kanine]
2:30 PM: Gospel Music [Kill Rock Stars]
3:15 PM: Cloud Nothings [Carpark]
4:00 PM: Widowspeak [Captured Tracks]
4:45 PM: Cubic Zirconia [Fools Gold]
5:30 PM: Mux Mool [Ghostly International]
6:05 PM: Teen Daze [Waaga]

nyc // here we go

October 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve put it off long enough. CMJ is here.

Last year around this time, I had barely lived here for a month. I had never been to Bruar Falls. I didn’t know who Todd P was. I was green. And… let’s be honest, I still am. But, at long last, I know where the bathrooms are at Music Hall of Williamsburg, not to mention that the basement of Lovin’ Cup is like a whole other land. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I feel slightly better equipped to tell you about the goings-on at CMJ.

I’ll be updating day by day, in the interest of sparing you and I from a panic attack.

So, Tuesday. For starters, there’s the Underwater Peoples free showcase at the Public Assembly loft…

La Big Vic
Air Waves
Family Portrait
Future Shuttle

…Dudes, that’s just one show. Read more to get just a glimpse of some other possibilities for your Tuesday night.

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