nyc // an attempt at a cmj recap

October 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

I don’t know about you, but I almost have a tinge of CMJ guilt. Reading recaps from various sources, so many bands are mentioned that I wish I’d gotten to see. I mean, seriously… how did I manage to miss Weekend so many times? What about Bleached? And I call myself a blogger?1!!

But then I remember… Every spare moment I had was spent at a show. I didn’t stop moving. I worked (a lot), I slept (barely), I skipped most meals (and those I ate were called “pizza”), I dragged visiting friends to places they probably never thought they’d go (ah, the wonders of “East Williamsburg” warehouses).

Where to begin? Well, I knew Dent May with a full band would be great, and it was.

(from three months prior, same idea)

I did not know that Cloud Nothings got heavier. Nor that I would love Family Portrait as much as I did.

In many ways, I didn’t need the week to continue.

But then there was the whirlwind. Highlights include…

Accidentally seeing We Were Promised Jetpacks. Walking into Gauntlet Hair right before Shea Stadium sold out. Getting to see what all the chatter regarding King Krule was about.

Getting out of work just in time to run down for Balkans.

Miraculously getting to see Royal Baths. Finally watching Crocodiles (and having to remember they aren’t called “Kill Crocodiles”, as their Twitter moniker suggests).

Choosing to ditch on Dum Dum Girls (sorry) for the #MEGABLAAG party at Matchless. Where this really happed…

Mike (Sippy Cup Everything): I’ll remember “Chad
Me: I’ll remember “Valley

Then, bounding down the streets of Greenpoint to where we knew a very Boston-centric show was happening  (real comment from someone I haven’t seen in in 6 months “I thought you’d be here earlier, these are YOUR people”) with a very-special last-minute addition, Audacity.

What else? I feel like I’m losing you. See how hectic this stuff is? And I’m editing out bands.

There was that time I made a lot of bagels for Diarrhea Planet, who were the best customers. And five hours later, went into a dark basement for a Turbo Fruits set (that made me forget it was still daylight out).

There was Celestial Shore.

There was MiniBoone, there was Ava Luna. There was that moment I saw one of my co-worker’s bands (Rifle Recoil) at the Greedhead Showcase and nearly lost it.

And that was just some of it. I hope you had as great a CMJ as I did, got to see at least half the bands you wanted to, and, most importantly, met some of your Twitter friends IRL (shout out to Gimme Tinnitus and Deadgaze).


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