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September 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

I woke up this morning to see social media positively ALIGHT with speculation about all the celebrities people were going to see, the free food & booze they were going to find and the swag they were gonna snag. This, to be fair, isn’t terribly different from every morning (follow more people – learn more BS), but something’s different… the amount of mentions of free shows at really random locales. Beach Fossils at Bloomingdales? Andrew WK at Saks? Am I still dreaming?

I’ve only got so much cool-stuff I can keep in my brain, so I have to admit how in-the-dark I’ve been about Fashion’s Night Out. Well, except for the dude who came into my work and thrust flyers for a free Bear Hands show in my face. He thought I might like them. And a tweet from Real Estate saying they were going to be playing in a fancy store. I don’t know why this didn’t send off more alarm bells.

I’m clued in now, though, and figured I’d post up a quick list of some of the free shows happening tonight. Intelligence is borrowed and condensed from the geniuses that are Oh My Rockness. If I were you, I’d consider…

1. Real Estate at 44 Mercer (RSVP)
2. Beach Fossils at Bloomingdales
3. Best Coast at Helmut Lang
4. Beth Ditto at M.A.C. (forever ago, Cat Pilgrim interviewed Beth)
5. Holy Ghost! at Prada
6. Andrew W.K., Tim Barber, Venus X & $hayne, Tony Touch, David Osborne, Alex Pasternak of Lemonade at Saks Fifth Avenue
7. Memoryhouse at Steve Alan
8. Tanlines, MNDR, Freelance Whales at Theory

And there’s more, look here. Or get absolutely all the details on the official Fashion’s Night Out website.


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