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September 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

I don’t want to hear about you not having a tape player.

Yes, they still make them. Yes, people are putting out current releases on cassettes. No, that display case is not just for show.

Here’s an example, care of Oops Baby Records

Don’t know where to begin with posting songs, so I closed my eyes and pointed and ended up with FLIGHT. Having trouble finding the song on the tape so I’m going for this one, which I can’t stop listening to…


Really, this is a stacked tape, and I kinda guarantee you’ll love it if you find yourself agreeing with my musical taste… ever.

Get it here!

Track listing after if you wanna “read more”

*Side A*
Davila 666 – Ella Dice
Dino’s Boys – Be Low
Dikes of Holland – Streetwalker
Two Tears – I Heart Leather
FLIGHT – Some Lies
X-Ray Eyeballs – Die Little Love
Peacekillers – Curtains
Pretty Quick – Slippin’ and Slidin’

*Side B*
Natural Child – Victoria
Personal & the Pizzas – Diet, Crime & Delinquency
Barreracudas – Don’t Roll Your Eyes
Las Ardillas – Cancion de Luz
Shark? – Pipeline
Los Vigilantes – Emily
Thunderfucks – Sick Girl
Stalkers – Lady Sonia
German Measles – On Time


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