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September 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

A few months ago, I was downstairs at work, grabbing ice at the end of my shift. I ran up the stairs in my usual stairs-are-boring-get-me-there fashion, and was surprised to see the door opening for me. Next, I dropped the ice.


Oh, just that one of my favorite servers from Cat and my’s let’s-brainstorm-and-eat-pretzels neighborhood bar was standing on the other side of the door. There are some people who you think only exist in one realm (aka, Boston), and who you forget are members of bands and thus get pretty speechless when they’re standing at your work because they’re going to be playing a show there.

This time, though, I’m more prepared, and now I want you to be, too. Meet CUFFS (ex-Pants Yell, Major Stars).

Where will they be tonight? Glasslands (I don’t work here ps). This show is kind of awesome cos it’s like this blog – a marriage of NY (okay, NJ) bands and Boston bands in one cool place having one good time.

With all my bad story-telling I forgot to tell you one very important detail – TONIGHT is the release party for Big Troubles‘s record!

Order goes like…

Big Troubles
THE ICE CHOIR (members Pains of Being Pure at Heart)
and beginning soon after doors…
Abraham Scott (ex-Surprisers) performs the songs of Richard O’Brien’s ‘Rocky Horror Show’

8:30 PM $10 PopGun Booking killing it again


east coast // mean jeans

September 15, 2011 § 2 Comments

Do you like fun?

How about fun music, the kind that you don’t have to try too hard to like and you’d be pretty silly not to love? Yes? And what’s your feelings on a bit of sweat, some dirt, and a decent amount of forgetting ones problems?

Blood racing? Then you must know about Mean Jeans. Not only are they fun*, they’re good.

If this appeals to you (and I do hope so – I mean, they managed to sneak some CCR in there on ya), then this week should be pretty exciting for you. The Portland, Oregon band, who seem to never-ever play near the Atlantic, are heeere!

Full East Coast dates on the Facebook

And, if you’re in NYC… Tomorrow night, Don Pedros. You, me, Jigglers, Hollywood, Mean Jeans and Liquor Store. 9 PM $6 (steal).

They’re not going to Boston, so if you’re my friend you should probably take off work and get ready to Fung Wah-it down to Brooklyn tomorrow**. We have a lovely futon + three cats.

*Sorry for saying “fun” so many times. I’m tired.
**Not kidding.


boston // ketman’s last show

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If you’ve paid attention to the Boston scene at all in the last seven years, you’ll have probably (hopefully) heard of Ketman.

If not, today’s your last change to get wise! I could throw some mixed-up genre names at you but by the time I was done, you’d be confused beyond repair. So, here’s what you gotta do.

1. Check out their fifteen-song comp, with songs from 2005 to 2011. Through the miracles of Bandcamp, you can pay-what-you-can and have your very own digital copy.


2. Like what you hear? Good! But bad, because tonight’s the last time you can see Ketman on stage. Man, if I was a band and I was having a last show, I would definitely have it at Great Scott. So are they.

Yeah that’s right, no big deal, just Ho-Ag, Battle House and Banditas. Boston, I love you.

Great Scott 9 PM $9 21+

nyc // FNO

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I woke up this morning to see social media positively ALIGHT with speculation about all the celebrities people were going to see, the free food & booze they were going to find and the swag they were gonna snag. This, to be fair, isn’t terribly different from every morning (follow more people – learn more BS), but something’s different… the amount of mentions of free shows at really random locales. Beach Fossils at Bloomingdales? Andrew WK at Saks? Am I still dreaming?

I’ve only got so much cool-stuff I can keep in my brain, so I have to admit how in-the-dark I’ve been about Fashion’s Night Out. Well, except for the dude who came into my work and thrust flyers for a free Bear Hands show in my face. He thought I might like them. And a tweet from Real Estate saying they were going to be playing in a fancy store. I don’t know why this didn’t send off more alarm bells.

I’m clued in now, though, and figured I’d post up a quick list of some of the free shows happening tonight. Intelligence is borrowed and condensed from the geniuses that are Oh My Rockness. If I were you, I’d consider…

1. Real Estate at 44 Mercer (RSVP)
2. Beach Fossils at Bloomingdales
3. Best Coast at Helmut Lang
4. Beth Ditto at M.A.C. (forever ago, Cat Pilgrim interviewed Beth)
5. Holy Ghost! at Prada
6. Andrew W.K., Tim Barber, Venus X & $hayne, Tony Touch, David Osborne, Alex Pasternak of Lemonade at Saks Fifth Avenue
7. Memoryhouse at Steve Alan
8. Tanlines, MNDR, Freelance Whales at Theory

And there’s more, look here. Or get absolutely all the details on the official Fashion’s Night Out website.

boston // starlab

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Two things about Starlab. Actually, three.

1. Starlab is awesome. It is a truly welcoming place to see shows. Plus, you may have heard it’s next to a radiator wonderland (never thought I’d say “radiator” and “wonderland” together like that).

2. Unfortunately, Starlab was robbed a few days ago. If we have similar friends, your Facebook feed may have been (thankfully) inundated with reposts about this. If not, I’m sharing it with you now…

REPOST Starlab (Union Square, Somerville) was broken into. Both of Stephen Konrads’s guitars were stolen (a fireglo Rickenbacker 360 and a brown Fender Telecaster ’69 Thinline with a pearl pickguard) along with both of Wayne’s basses (a sunburst Fender Jazz Bass with pick-up covers and a natural finish Rickenbacker 4003). Also Chris Duggan’s black Gibson Les Paul and a Mac Pro with a cinema display were stolen.

If you come across any of these items, please contact the Somerville PD

3. Some of my favorite Boston bands (and people) are playing at Starlab tonight, with some high-class outta-towners.

You Me & Us (CA)
Aye Nako (NY)
Four Eyes
Free Pizza

8 PM $5.

In conclusion, Starlab rules.

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