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July 25, 2011 § 1 Comment

Just a couple things that deserve some attention, as for once I have ten seconds to sit and think in sweet, sweet AC.

1. Becky from UUU Tapes and I have been talking a looot about tapes these days. We’re working on what we think will be a damned good time on a Saturday afternoon (you may have heard I like Saturday afternoons), but more on that in a month or two.

I spend half my day staring at a case full of CDS and records and… tapes. People say things like “WOOOOAAAAHHH RECORDS! TAPES! Who even has a tape player these days” and I say “Me” and they say “Oh wow” and then leave. Responsible for some of these tapes is a label out of Brooklyn that you should get familiar with – Whoa Whoa Records!

These whoas have released cassettes by XRay Eyeballs, Night Manager, Naked Pictures (omg try googling this band name without realizing that “naked pictures” is the kind of thing 13 year old boys think is fun to google), Teen Witch and Sunny Ali & the Kid. Basically, people that make Brooklyn cool.

2. I don’t remember. I’m that relaxed. What? Where are we?

YES okay I got it. Four hours away and past possibly one of the last Roy Rogers ever, Get Young Records is doing its best to keep Allston cool. Like, this cool…

A Now Denial / Get Laid split 7″? YES. Stuff like that, awesome stuff. If you like the kind of music that Allston runs on, you should get to know these dudes and what they’re up to.

That’s enough for your (and mine) short attention span


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