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July 23, 2011 § 1 Comment

Saturday afternoons are arguably the best part of any weekend (unless you’re like me and work at 8:30 in the morning every Saturday (why?)). Seriously, guys, you’ve got over 24 hours to do nothing but hang out and complain about the heat.

What’d make this better? Oh, maybe hanging in a Ringer Park and watching bands while participating in cool workshops? Yeah, probably.

Times and more info after the break! DOOMSTAR!!!

Bike Generator Stage:
12:00pm GG Noise
12:15pm Eatin’
12:30pm The Many Peoples Band
12:45pm Deafbabe
1:00pm Scouter
1:20pm Hyena
1:40pm Secret Jones
2:00pm Melodeego
2:20pm Arvid Noe
2:40pm Chris North Dream Quartet
3:00pm Brunt of It
3:20pm New Highway Hymnal
3:40pm Fat History Month
4:00pm Doomstar!

Acoustic Hang:
11:00pm Christa Gniadek
11:30pm Dandy & Andrew
12:00pm Susanna Kavee
12:30pm Tayla Roberge
1:00pm Reeling Kites
1:30pm Heather Foxwell
2:00pm Sonny Jim
2:30pm OPEN JAM!!
3:00pm Little Liars
3:30pm Deezy and the Brobots
4:00pm Wounded Knees
5:00pm The Hogstompers
5:30pm Mornin’ Old Sport


Stream 1:
12:00pm Direct Action 101
1:00pm Radical Self Defense Training
2:00pm Know Your Rights
3:00pm Self-Care in the Toxic Age
4:00pm Women & Feminism in Music and Media
5:00pm Eco-Feminism and Connecting the Dots of Climate Change

Stream 2:
12:00pm Alternative Menstrual/Contraceptive Products
1:00pm Medic Workshop
2:00pm Poi & Hooping
3:00pm TBA
4:00pm Fix-A-Flat
5:00pm Make Your Own Sauerkraut


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