boston // memorial day!

May 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Things that people do on Memorial Day:

1. Grill
2. Go to parades
3. Drink beers
4. Enjoy themselves
5. Maybe listen to music during some of the above activities?
6. Remember

Well, here’s an idea for the perfect day. Go to a parade,  if you like parades; then grill (if you don’t like grilling I’m not sure what you do); drink a beer if you want to (but don’t if you don’t); be thankful you’re where you are and there are people willing to do things I couldn’t deal with… do all that. Then, get ready to enjoy yourself and go to Great Scott where you will listen to music.

I know, why am I always making you go to Great Scott? Let’s blame the Pelly Twins…

By blame I mean “thank”, you realize.

Sweet Bulbs
Sore Eros

EDIT: Young Adults are no longer playing, instead there will be a Quilty AND a Quilt.

8 PM 18+ $7 (just seven!)


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