boston // memorial day!

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Things that people do on Memorial Day:

1. Grill
2. Go to parades
3. Drink beers
4. Enjoy themselves
5. Maybe listen to music during some of the above activities?
6. Remember

Well, here’s an idea for the perfect day. Go to a parade,  if you like parades; then grill (if you don’t like grilling I’m not sure what you do); drink a beer if you want to (but don’t if you don’t); be thankful you’re where you are and there are people willing to do things I couldn’t deal with… do all that. Then, get ready to enjoy yourself and go to Great Scott where you will listen to music.

I know, why am I always making you go to Great Scott? Let’s blame the Pelly Twins…

By blame I mean “thank”, you realize.

Sweet Bulbs
Sore Eros

EDIT: Young Adults are no longer playing, instead there will be a Quilty AND a Quilt.

8 PM 18+ $7 (just seven!)


boston // the day before memorial day is today

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I realize this is late but I have to post this flyer. Have to.


This is in a couple hours and will be so rad.

8:50-9:25 – Baby Driver –
9:40-10:15 – The Big Big Bucks –
10:30-11:05 – Battle House –
11:20 – Thief Thief –

18+ / $8

nyc // seven degrees of separation

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The world is damned small, you know that? Take the other night, when I was at Pianos and turned around to see a guy from my university rowing team walking to the door. No big thing if I went to NYU.. but no, I went to uni across a very big pond. And this guy… he was Danish. WHAT WHY! Well, the music world is seriously even creepier.

Two of my favorite shows this Friday are frightening examples of this.

Exhibit A: The Shark? Record Release party at the Silent Barn.

Shark?’s debut album True Waste is being released by Oops Baby Records, run by a pal. Who else is playing this? Sleepies (who I have no relation to, as far as I know) and Girlfriends, one of my very favorite bands from Boston (which also includes some people I think are a-okaaay).

I’m so excited.


9 PM? Not sure how much.

Exhibit B: Le Loft

I love Bozmo. I don’t shut up about Bozmo. They’re from Boston. They’re playing with Little Gold.
My mind is exploding.

11 –Yellowbirds
10 – Bozmo
9 – Little Gold

I have to pay attention at work now. Go to a show tonight.

boston // great great great scott!

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Let’s break it down.

Local darlings earthquake party!


Brooklyn supergroup The Babies (a Cassie Ramone (Vivian Girls), Kevin Morby (Woods), Nathanael Stark (Bent Outta Shape) and Justin Sullivan (Ringers) kind of supergroup)


Ohio’s lo-fi whatchamacallits Times New Viking


Together. Tonight. At Great Scott.
Uh 9 PM $12 adv/$14 doors I’LL BE THERE.

nyc // moving, shaking

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How much money are you willing to spend to see a band? I feel like I’ve been talking about this a lot lately. Seems that $10 is usually the number that causes people to cringe and reevaluate their life.

Well, what if I were to tell you there was a rad Wednesday night show (that’s tonight) for only $7? And that your seven dollars would not only get you in the door, but would put you in a position to enjoy an OPEN PBR and cheap booze BAR from 8-9?

And then, suppose I told you these Boston bombshells were playing…

What more do you want from me?

10:00 – RED BEDLAM
9:00 – WE BUY GOLD

Trash Bar. Get there early if you like free things.

Listen to Movers and Shakers here cos WordPress is not excited about my attempts to embed audio.

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