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April 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

I love Boston’s Choke Up, guys.

This might surprise you, based on my penchant for the garage and the lo-fi side of life, but funny things happen to your musical taste when you date boys in punk bands. My iTunes is bi-polar and it’s all for the better (No, seriously. After Choke Up comes Christians and Lions. It’s always a shock).

Anyways, pretend I’m your musical boyfriend and check em out.


God I miss Boston punk shows. Be my date at Party Xpo tonight?

Yeah? Also making the drive down from Boston is Wolves and the Radio, who I saw at Charlie’s once and I thought “whoa, hey, Ethan plays in a good band!” (Ethan doesn’t play with them anymore but the facts remain). Before them, NYC band Uncontrolled will be playing their first show EVER. And apparently maybe some other band will be starting things off, this band called TBA. I hear about them a lot.*

7 PM $8 All Ages

*Yes, I am hilarious. Yes, I am single.


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