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April 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

There are a few things I’ve been forgetting to show you. I’m a horrible blogger, too easily distracted by Teen Mom 2 marathons and my burgeoning lentils and bulgur cooking career.

My excuse for not posting the Young Adult’s video for “Let Us Out” back when Prefix Mag premiered last month was that I simply couldn’t find the Vimeo for it. This is entirely true. I’m usually pretty okay at the internet, too. But look, here it is…


Ain’t it grand?

My timing is actually awesome, however, cos this lil gem of a thing was nominated for “Best Video” in The Phoenix’s Best Music Poll. I know of no better video up for nomination (and I’m not just saying that), so you should watch and then you should vote. Before May 12th!!

Another thing – MMOSS’s “i” is a real-life, tangible, spin-it-round-in-circles thing now! With just a couple of clicks and a reasonable amount of keystrokes, you can order it from Burger Records.

Overwhelmed yet? One more thing, one more video.

The product of a Pilgrim’s progress…
Feast yer eyes on Hello Ninja’s first video, “I Think of Me Too”. I wish I could sing like Cat.


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