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April 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

If you’re my friend, you’ve heard me talk about Dude Ranch. You’ve seen that twinkle in my eye as I speak of this seemingly magical place in Oxford, MS, where bands roam free and there are SWAMPS. If I’m losing you already, familiarize yourself with Cats Purring.

There are many musical groups you should be aware of from this place…
>>>Dent May (maybe you know his ukulele)
>>>>>Dead Gaze
>>>>>>Bass Drum of Death
…to begin with.

I’m bringing this up because today is the day that GB City from Bass Drum of Death DROPS. Truthfully – social media worked on me. I became aware of these dudes, however long ago, because they have one of the funniest Twitter accounts I stumbled upon. Took a second and realized their music is even better. Last week they were on Fuel TV’s The Daily Habit TWICE… once as back up for Odd Future’s Mellow Hype (!!!) and, the day before that, doing their own solo TV debut thang. This band is poised.


Buy this record. I honestly love this record. I have put songs from this record on mix tapes (that have been not received yet. If I like you you’re in for a treat). Get it here, on Fat Possum Records. If you have a record player, get it on vinyl. If you don’t, get a record player. This thing is made to be heard on wax.


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