boston // pelly twins presents

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We’ve been over this before. The Pelly Twins are twins (hard hitting journalism there), one lives in NYC, the other in Boston. They have rad musical taste and a blog.

This is all well and good, but what’s even better is the monthly shows they’ve been putting on at Allston’s Great Scott. The idea is simple and excellent – a few bands from NY drive up, hang out, and play with some bands from MA. Rad bands.

They’re doing it again tonight and this line-up is so good, I’m considering waking from my Easter-induced food coma and driving up from my parents’ place in RI:

THE SCAMPS (no link but I love them based on 2 songs I saw once)
Boo Radley (sarah from quilty (ny))

9 PM $7 18+ GREAT SCOTT!

Skeptical? Listen to a Big Eyes song…

(You can also grab a demo for your own price, at IFMI)

boston // battle house

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I am so excited about this. We have an actual review of a relevant album by an excellent Boston band (all things I like) – Battle House‘s Some Sleep – written by someone who isn’t me!!! Everyone, meet Brian Rusnica, and pay attention to what he says…

Battle House’s first full length record shows growth and versatility from a band of experienced performers. Some Sleep is a fitting title for a record that unfolds like a long night’s worth of uneasy dreams.

From the technical side, Battle House is very much a band with multiple identities. Members switch instruments and draw upon diverse resumes that peek through at different points on the LP. The band locks briefly into a mode (two-guitars, guitar+synth, bass+loop pedal or two-drummers) before reforming in another configuration on the next track. Along the way, each personality shows prowess in creating big, dark post-rock with sharp and noisy counterpoints.


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boston + nyc // things that should sell out today

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Bodies of Water Arts and Crafts brings you Grass Widow, all the way from San Francisco.

Local support is coming from Doomstar! and Major Stars. Really, I’m not lying. Your Friday night is going to be this good!

O’Brien’s, 9 PM, 21+ $10. GET THERE EARLY, stay all night.


You simply have to scroll down to see how much I love Mississippi’s Bass Drum of Death. I am so excited for this show, I just made Mac & Cheese without milk in an effort to save my pennies.

They’ll be at Glasslands tonight, with

Doors 8 PM, 21+, $10

(I’ll forgive you for missing this if you go to the show at Music Hall of Williamsburg tomorrow. And are using your Friday night to go see Personal and the Pizzas, Barreracudas and Los Vigilantes at Cake Shop).

nyc // record store day @ cake shop

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This is going to be fun. Even the New Yorker knows how rad of a thing this is. Before I forget, doesn’t everything look really official in the New Yorker font?

Yeah. I’ll essentially end up spending about 16 hours at Cake Shop that day. I’ll be there at open to serve all y’all coffee and cake and stuff, and then switching to the other side of the bar when evening comes. Because why would I even dream of going anywhere else?!

11:40pm: McDONALDS !!
9:20pm: WIDOWSPEAK !!
8:30: HANDS & KNEES !!
7:40: OVERLORD !!
6:50: NIGHT COLLECTORS [formerly The Yes Club] !!
$8, 21+, 5pm doors (free from 12-7pm)

Yeah, you heard me right. Boston’s Hands and Knees are making the trip south.

nyc // lovin’ you, freakin’ easy

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Would you look at that. Web Dating went and made an EP, just for you. Although “Lovin’ You, Freakin’ Easy” isn’t officially out until the 19th (the day my Massachusetts taxes are due, but not my NY ones. Isn’t that quirky?), you have a chance to get it TONIGHT.


Where? Monster Island Basement, kid.
With? Friends, Night Manager, White Fang.
When? Tonight, 8 PM $8 All Ages.

If you have the flu/are banned from Monster Island Basement (only excuses I’ll accept), you can pre-order the EP from Oops Baby Records here.

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