boston // awesome show alert! tonight!

February 23, 2011 § 1 Comment

Fact. Tonight at Great Scott there is one heckuva (haha) show. Another show SO GOOD, I considered boarding the Megabus and coming to hang the hell out. I hate money.

Y’all know I hate writing phrases such as “this band sounds like metal and pop got into a fight in a punk’s parents’ basement”, so I’m not going to even bother. I’m just going to lift the words of Mike over at Sippy Cup Everything because he says it WELL. Hi, Mike!

Earthquake Party! are officially a 100% Boston band again, and intend on going hard in 2011. People who know the abbreviations of TNV or GBV should pay attention here: the songs are sonically messy, compositionally taut, and done in such an infectious fashion that you may start your own band the day after. Cross your fingers for their debut release by year’s end.

Thief Thief will be showing off songs from their forthcoming debut LP, recorded at Machines With Magnets (Battles, Big Bear, Fang Island) last year. The Boston/NYC duo’s approach to instrumental mathy composition will make fans of a wide range of ears. Seeing them is a visual treat, usually causing heads to be scratched in wonder of how all this noise is created from guitar (sans looping pedals) and drums.

Arvid Noe are an Allston trio, back and in full swing after a four-month hiatus. Two guitarists yelp, ricochet chords and jog scales back and forth while the drummer multitasks between his kit, a keyboard, and a sampler. It’s manic in the best way, stuffing each song to the brim with ideas while never losing your interest. This is their first show at Great Scott.

The Big Big Bucks just recorded some new songs in Charlestown, their first since last year’s rawkusCrucial Schmooze LP. Writing intelligently aggressive pop music is in their blood: “Orange Aura” sounds like it’s straight from an espionage film that doesn’t exist, while “Decent Dinner” will warm you up in these winter months. Until they decide how to share the recordings, you can and should witness them live.


Well done, Mike. Go to his site for MP3s (I can’t be that lecherous), go to Great Scott FOR THE REAL THING. God I’m charming.

9 PM 18+ $7 sometimes I make up prices


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