nyc // que sera, sera

February 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

For once, I’m going to talk about a show that’s not happening 2 hours from now. I know, this is weird for me too.

You’ve heard of Vivian Girls, no? Lo-fi-punk-rock-trio-thang, Brooklyn, ladies, awesome. Not ones for sitting still, they’ve spawned side projects up the wazoo. And here comes another – let me present Exhibit A: La Sera, the new band of VG’s Katy Goodman.

I wish I could get my bangs to look like that. But chekkit, I have an MP3 for you (taken from the Hardly Art website. I hope you guys don’t mind): Never Come Around.

The reason I’m going on about all this is that La Sera will be playing a show at Bowery Electric this Wednesday night. With Tennis, who I have already decided I love, and Holiday Shores. 8 PM 18+ $13 adv/$15 door. AND THE NEXT DAY at Bell House. Same deets yo.

Let’s sign off with a Tennis song…


Whichever one you go to, yer guaranteed a night of prettttty music.


boston // charlie’s tonight

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Oh look, a rad rock show at Charlie’s.

Let’s see. You know I’ve already sung the praises of Hands & Knees ad nauseam. Then there’s Dan Webb & the Spiders (who aren’t from Australia, although Google might want you to think that). The Cold Beat seem like a good time (plus they did a split with Movers & Shakers that I keep meaning to buy). And! The Scamps! I saw them play 2 songs once and I won’t ever forget it. I wish I could find a link.

I did that in the total wrong order. Whatever, you get to do things like that at Charlie’s. Plus have fun and eat waffle fries!

9 PM $5

boston // i think i’m going to sxsw

February 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

I hope.

Regardless of whether the universe likes me or not, I hope you realize that there are kind of a billion rad Boston bands that will be there..  Aaand, in celebration, the Weekly Dig and Converse are putting on a pre-SXSW show at Brighton Music Hall tonight. 

7 PM (RUN!) 18+ $5 I think

Last to first:

Viva Viva  
Mystery Roar 
Mean Creek
Kinsley Flood
Endless Wave

The Dirty Dishes
Static of the Gods

There’ll be a similar thang happening on St Patrick’s Day down in Austin. Man I hope I’ll be there. 

(I’m writing this at work while the head chef is talking about his adventures in LA, hence the lack of interesting things like videos, my b)

nyc // friday night innit

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I’m a little space-case right now, so this is gonna be weird, sorry.

You see… I have this rule where I have to go to a show a week, otherwise whyyy am I working in food service when I could be raking in the bucks doing something corporate (and thus going to bed at 9, cos that’s what I imagine people who wear suits do)? You know what I mean.

Luckily, there is no lack of shows in New York tonight.

1. Maybe you are someone I am jealous of and already got yourself tickets to the sold out Beach House show at Webster Hall.


2. But… maybe I’m not that jealous of you because I get to see Lower Dens at Music Hall of Williamsburg. With who? Oh, just Ducktails and Glory Girls. No biggie. 8 PM 18+ $10 (worth every pennnaaaay)

See 4 posts down for one of my favorite songs of the moment.

3. If neither of those shoes fit, why not go to Shea Stadium for Darlings, Teen Witch, Sultan, Regal Degal? or 285 Kent for Liturgy, Talk Normal, Nat Baldwin, Cavex? or! Suckers, Prince Rama, New Villager at Bowery Ballroom?

Do something.

boston // two suggestions

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Hey, you there! You’re reading this thing? That’s cool.

Maybe you’re like me and my friends. Maybe you wake up, drag yourself out of your bed for your silly, meaningless job (that’s actually kind of cool, as far as jobs go). Maybe you still don’t know what you want to be when you grow up, but, if music can be a part of it, you know you’ll be happy. Maybe you realize how “Almost Famous” that sounds but you don’t care. Welcome to my Thursday night.

In the spirit of doing what you want and hoping someone appreciates it, there are two 7″s outta Boston I’d like you to be aware of…

Thick Shakes!


You can preorder this baby here, out March 31 on Aurora 7 Records (which will come sooner than you think. Just like summer when we’ll all be “Damn I wish I could wear a sweater”).

Four Eyes!

This is their second 7″, Towards the End of Cosmic Loneliness, and the physical copy can be yours, now, care of Puzzle Pieces Records.

There’s also a download, should you look hard, but I kind of want you guys to just go ahead and buy both these things. But, I WILL give you this link for a download of the first 7″. Don’t say I don’t take care of you.

And that, my friends, is my piece of hard-hitting gonzo journalism for the night.

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