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January 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

Sometimes I get annoyed at what happens when one carries the internet around in their back pocket. You know, that point where the world of instant knowledge flirts too much with that of creepy knowledge. I think y’all are great but I don’t always need to know what you had for breakfast.

But… when bands (especially ones I really dig) release albums I can download INSTANTLY, I’m reminded how much the internet rules. Ten days from now, you can get your paws on some freshly pressed vinyl (OH NO WAY CONTRADICTION?), but why not have both versions? Especially when you can choose how much to pay (don’t be stupid).

What am I rambling about? Hands & Knees have a new album that became digitally available TODAY, if I manage to post this in the next seven minutes. You can get the details on the download, plus some limited edition screenprinted vinyl, ‘normal’ vinyl and a cool shirt (I love cats. There is one sitting in my lap as I write) here.


Hands & Knees is one of those bands that I play at work and hope someone will ask who they are so I can start talking about how much I love them and Boston music. Semi-related: Someone from Wildildlife came in the other week and I think I freaked him out by knowing about his band. Whatever.


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