boston // hands & knees

January 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

I am so pumped on this show, I just might come to town for it. Snow, you are ruining me.

This is one hell of a way to celebrate the release of an album, Hands and Knees. Could you try harder next time?

I mean, we have the never loud enough Doomstar!, the impossibly uncatchy Needy Visions and the mundane Fedavees.

I’m going to have thee worst time.

9 PM 18+ $9

PS: There’s a PBR truck stuck at Ludlow and Rivington right now and I can’t stop laughing.


nyc // free brooklyn bowl show tonight

January 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

How we doing today? It’s a Wednesday, so you should be feeling okay – Hump Day, and all. Wanna hang out?

I keep thinking of this as a Boston show, cos Mike of Sippy Cup Everything (if you don’t read his site, you don’t know what’s good for you) is in town, but I am wrong. It is an awesome one, though.

I wonder what state MiniBoone’s facial hair will be in?

I wonder how much my roommate will like Ava Luna?

I don’t know much about Miracles of Modern Science, let’s find out together.

If you’re on the fence, it’s free. There is no fence to be on.
Brooklyn Bowl, 8 PM. See you at the Levee at 7.

nyc // live at shea stadium

January 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Whoa. That weekend was a thing. I still have a cat on my hand and a star on my wrist (I do shower, I swear). Literally everywhere you went you ran into someone from Boston, one big love fest. Plus, I managed to avoid getting knocked down at 538, so I win.

I was moving mad slow yesterday morning, which finally gave me the chance to check out Live at Shea Stadium. The site went up last week and was greeted by a flurry of Twitterspheric activity, but I figure one tardy reminder is actually a good thing. Cos, really, you want to take a few minutes and look around this. The website both looks and is sick.

I don’t know what to post. But I went to this show, so this’ll work:

Fresh & Onlys – Live @ Shea Stadium by LiveatSheaStadium

FYI – Shea is a show space located in the wilds of East Williamsburg warehouse-land. They have really rad shows and record them as they go. The result is one big archive, with bands from Brooklyn, Boston and beyond (I’m not cheesy intentionally).

OH HEY here’s some Woven Bones…

Woven Bones – Live @ Shea Stadium by LiveatSheaStadium

You all have probably noticed that I hate writing reviews, I more just like saying GO TO THIS and telling you about my caffeine addiction. I’m sorry about that, should I be more like Pitchfork?

boston // SHOW WIN

January 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

The Pelly Twins appear to be as obsessed with Boston and Brooklyn bands as I am. Seriously, it’s awesome. We’d probably get along famously orrr at least be able to geek out about bands for a minute. And would you look at that, they’re starting a new monthly series at Great Scott for JUST THAT REASON.

Hot damn. Take a gander at the line-up for tonight.

Total Slacker
No Way Jose (mems. Doomstar and Amoroso)

9 PM 18+ $7

This show just makes me happy. Go and you’ll see what I, and they, believe in.

I dare you to look away while watching that! Ha!

nyc // look who’s in town

January 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

Are you aware that we are in the middle of a three day Boston-Brooklyn love fest? Yesterday, the BK Heat show (Boston all over that), tomorrow the Nick Poot Memorial show (oof), and tonight… well hello, Young Adults are in town.

You remember these guys.


We had a blast with them at CMJ, tonight will be no different. Since we last saw em their record was pressed and released (AMDISCS), they’ve been listed on a stupid amount of year end lists and now have Rough Trade distributing their record. I am forever in love with Rough Trade.

New York, this is your chance to see why Boston is way relevant.

Also playing is Shark? (I’m beginning to feel like I’m stalking you), Quilty (you too) and Turbosleaze (I have lots of jokes to make right now).

9 PM 21+ $I Just Don’t Know. I am 100% going to be at this show.

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