time out

December 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

Well, traffic sucked and people can’t drive, but, after a very long day full of work and pickles and trying the new Wendy’s fries, I am sitting in my bed in Rhode Island. Actually not really my bed, as is what happens when your parents run a B&B, but this here Goldie Locks has deemed it the best in the house. It could also fit two more people and our elbows wouldn’t even touch.

Oh look, I’m rambling. I just wanted to say Happy Holidays and stuff and that I’ll be AWOL for the next few days. I know you’ve grown fond of my regular posting but this girl’s got some last-minute shopping and baking to do, which will be followed by sitting on the couch with a dog under each hand. Unless, of course, we’re Twitter friends in which case I’ll tweet every present I get (Kidding. And also all I want is socks and a gift card to a supermarket).

I’m going to bed now. I’ll let Battle House (outta JP, kid) take it from here…

See what I did there? You thought this post had no point but OH HEY LOOK A BAND!

Also is anyone in NYC December 26? I have to work two jobs that day and I’m going to need someone to hang out with me after.


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