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December 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’ve been feeling mad Boston-nostalgic ever since Friendsgiving at Pom Springs (where we used to live, a stone’s throw from Twin Donuts, an abode with excellent sight lines to the ICC). This is not helped by the texts I’ve been getting from Cat Pilgrim, telling me I should go to Great Scott with her tonight.

And man, I wish I could.

I remember the first time Cat and I saw Viva Viva. It was in the autumn of 2007 (WHOA) at Great Scott, and they were opening for… shoot, who? (I have a notebook that has all the bands I’ve ever seen in it. Unfortunately it is buried under heaps of sweaters. Love sweaters.) I guess this blank in my memory suggests all we really need to know – that Viva Viva owned that room. To me, they’re like a tougher Kinks, a more psychedelic Rolling Stones (I always think this because of “Sympathy for the Devil’s Little Helper”).

Tonight, you can watch them captivate Great Scott once again, at a Sleepover Shows presented event.

photo: matt teuten

It gets better. Thanks to Fort Point Recordings, they have a full length debut that you can have and hold and love, which is just what the Weekly Dig, Time Out Boston and the BMAs have been doing. After they’ve knocked you over and made you a believer, get yourself that album! Digital download available at their bandcamp if you don’t like material objects.

Also making a play for the room will be Pray for Polanski and Cat Whisker (WAIT are these dudes responsible for the tag on the foot bridge? You are, aren’t you?)

9 PM 18+ (this is cool, this means even Will Deeks can go!) $8


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