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December 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

The Boston Music Awards were last night (check out a list of the winners here!), and one of the best things that happened was Girlfriends getting Rock Artist of the Year. High fives and hugs all around, kids.

Insert some comment about things being too good to be true. Actually… what could make this better? Mayhaps them opening tonight at the Middle East Upstairs for Family Portrait and Tennis? Why yes, I do believe everything’s coming up Millhouse!

There’s certainly no time for SAD with shows like this happening. Here, have a brief introduction to the out-of-towners…

Family Portrait = I think I’m in love. If you’re familiar with the Ridgewood, NJ scene and think Underwater Peoples (Real Estate, Duck Tails, etc) can do no wrong, you will love these guys. Just… just listen to “Mega Secrets” (not that I have five times in a row, or anything):

Tennis = A married couple out of Denver, Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore, who play beautiful lo-fi pop-surf songs. Listening to them has made the sun shine on this almost snowy, very dreary day.

This post has been brought to you by ADD, apparently, so let’s recap. Middle East Downstairs, tonight. Tennis, Family Portrait, Girlfriends. 8 PM Doors, 8:30 start, $12 day of, 18+. Awesome.


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