boston // mmoss

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Newest MMOSS song. Have they disappointed you yet? No.


nyc // radical dads, little gold

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Yes yes, we all know tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. We’re all supposed to do something super wild and get in to a lot of trouble. But some of us have to work on New Year’s Day and also… what’s with the hype? Why can’t we have fun on the 30th? I certainly plan to.

Meet Radical Dads, the dudes who shall save your Thursday night. You remember Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!? (I love the punctuation situation there). Well, they’re still alive, don’t worry, but Robbie from CYHSY is working his singing/drumming chops with this here new project. Plus haaay, if you go to their site, you can download two songs for free! I’d post the Bandcamp but I’m worried that too much Bandcamp makes WordPress cry. Have a video then go get downloading…

Cool thing is, they’re playing at Bruar Falls tonight! With Little Gold, who we’ve been over before and Conversion Party, who appear to be from both New London and Brooklyn at the same time. I unfortunately am sitting at a coffee shop sans headphones, so I can’t tell you what they sound like, but I trust the dudes they’re playing with. And thus, you must trust me.

8 PM 21+ $No one on the internet seems to know?

Top 10 EP’s of 2010 (via The Styrofoam Drone)

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I just figured out how to reblog things and NOW I CAN’T STOP. Especially cos lookit at #3.

Top 10 EP's of 2010 We started with 7" records – now we're going to focus on EP's. Right below are the top ten EP's that came out over the year of 2010, as told by the Styrofoam Drone. We didn't cover EP's nearly as often as we covered other formats of music this year, but there were still enough so we could make this fairly decent list out of them. Not only that, but compiling these lists is a great way to look back on an entire year of music and see what caught on … Read More

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Top Thirty 7″ Records of 2010 (part 1) (via The Styrofoam Drone)

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The part where Girlfriends is included in this list makes me so happy I’m twitchy. I swear this has nothing to do with the large Dunkin coffee I’m consuming.

Top Thirty 7" Records of 2010 (part 1) As you know, we’ve covered a ton of music this year. Now comes the time at the end of the year when we take a look back at all of the things that stood out the most. For the first of the “End of the Year” lists here at the Styrofoam Drone, we’re going to strictly look at 7″ records. Throughout the year we’ve covered most of our music on 7″ format, so this should definitely be interesting to see how it all turns out. We’ve started with the Honorab … Read More

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boston // paper thin stages

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I remember the first time I went to a show alone in Boston. September 2007, nothing better to do, I thought ‘what the heck’ and went over to Great Scott. This Car Up closed, Amoroso blew my mind apart, as did Paper Thin Stages. I think my jaw might have dropped.

Three years later…  Paper Thin Stages have since called it a day. But, as a gift from beyond, they’ve mixed and polished a record made in 2007. And, guys, you should download it. For one thing, it’s free. For another, it’s really really good.

Hello, ridiculous artwork. How does it feel being awesome?


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