boston // monday funday?

November 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

Since when are Mondays allowed to be so busy? I don’t even live in Boston and I’m feeling overwhelmed. I am this guy:

I keep skipping between various bands and pacing until I black out, only to find myself twenty minutes later reading recipes with spinach or booking a flight to Chicago that I shouldn’t even fathom being able to afford.

So really, I can’t imagine how you are going to choose. SHOEGAZE, DANCE PARTIES, TAME IMPALA, and that’s just to start. Whaaa? Carry on reading for a very long post…

1. O’Briens for some noise, some shoegaze, some lo-fi. And of course, reverb. 2/3rds of this show is San Franciscan.

Young Prisms
9 PM 18+ $8

2. Middlesex for some dancing around, singing a long, 60s flashbacks.

Viva Viva
Needy Visions
DJ Nighttime Gallagher
9PM 21+ $6

3. Paradise Rock Club for “psychedelic hypno-groove melodic rock music”. Australians!

Tame Impala
Stardeath and White Dwarfs
7 PM 18+ $15 advance

4. Great Scott for heavy. rock. loud.
I’m going to use Hex Map’s words cos I like them.

“Three of these bands are pretty loud. One is fairly quiet.
Two of these bands have two members. One has three members. One has four members.
Three of these bands have drummers. One does not.
Three of these bands have bassists. One does not.
Two of these bands have two guitarists. One has one guitarist. One has no guitarists.
Three of these bands have two vocalists. One of these bands has no vocals at all.
Three of these bands are based in Massachusetts. One is from Connecticut.”

Hexmap (ex-Clickers, Clawjob)
Hero(n) Of Alexandria
Old Man Lady Luck (CT)
Brutal Love Masters
9 PM 18+ $8

5. Zuzu for Night of the Living Deadhead
I’m running out of steam so I quoteth…. “THE SOFT OPENINGS TOUR
with MOOMAW & GRAVID WIVES on tour from San Francisco, CA USA!

naragansett representatives : TREEHORN are going to play
& good ol’ gabe BOY WITHOUT GOD back from tour-na-ments

this show will be free – will start at 10pm
n i g h t o f t h e l i v i n g d e a d h e a d ”



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