boston // billy ruane PARTY

November 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

Tonight will be spectacular. As it should be.

No more words needed. $10.  Check out the full line-up:

Middle East
12:20 Closing song, everyone on stage
12:00 Lady Lamb the Beekeeper
11:35 Buffalo Tom
11:20 Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents
11:00 Tanya Donnely and Skeggy Kendall
10:45 Slideshow
10:15 Michael Patrick Macdonald (speaking) and Billy stories/roast
9:45 Pat Mc Grath, Stephen Fredette, Peter Wolf
9:30 Reid Paley
9:15 Hilken Mancini and Thalia Zedek
9:00 Chris Brokaw
8:45 Willie Alexander
8:30 Joe Harvard
8:15 Jimmy Ryan and Sean Staples
8:00 Linda Viens and Catherine Coleman
7:45 Randy Black
7:30 Rockin Bob Cenci
7:15 Eric Martin
7:00 Drew O’Doherty
Lilia Halpern-Smith opens with “Dolphins”
Kickoff around 6:50


T.T. The Bear’s Place
12:20 Frank Morey
12:00 Banditas
11:40 Hallelujah the Hills
10:30 John Langford
9:50 Chris Mills
9:25 The Neighborhoods
9:00 Slideshow feat. Billy Ruane
8:40 Drug Rug
8:20 Belle and the Bees
8:00 The Raging Teens
7:40 Fred The Donkey
7:20 Nina Violet
7:00 Emily Forsyth (St. Clair)


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