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November 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

Well look at this, two days of brilliance. Thank you, Jinsen Liu of 28 Degrees Taurus, for resurrecting a great thing.

Day 1: Friday, November 12
stage 1 – Precinct________________stage 2 – PA’s Lounge

1230am – Endless Wave______12am- Electric Zeus
1130pm – Quiet Loudly (NY)____11pm-MMOSS
1030pm – Transient___________10pm – QUILT
930pm – Hadoken_____________9pm- Herbcraft (ME)
830pm – Red Skies____________8pm- Mind Yeti

Day 2: Satuday, November 13
stage 1: – Precinct________________stage 2 – PA’s Lounge

1230am -28 Degrees Taurus___12am – December Sound
11pm – Gospel Gossip (MN)___1115pm- Screen Vinyl Image (DC)
10pm – The Vandelles (NYC)__1030pm- Night Fruit
9pm – Roh Delikat__________930pm-Bobb Trimble & the Flying Spiders
8pm – Brief Candles (WI)______830pm – Sounds of Kaleidoscope (PA)
7pm – Dirty Dishes___________730pm – Ghost Box Orchestra
6pm – The Crushing Low______630pm – Dead Leaf Echo (NY)
5pm – MMOSS______________530pm – Joe Tuner & 7 Levels
4pm – Amoroso
3pm – Second Day Venom

$10/day, includes access to both venues. OKAY.

Bands that have me excited include The Vandelles, 28 Degrees Taurus, December Sound, Night Fruit, GBO, MMOSS, Amoroso (!), Quilt, uhhh I need to stop….

Instead of me linking every single band, check out the archived stream of the WZBC show Flyweight, with tracks from lots of the bands.

Facebook invite!


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