October 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

Guys! Hey! Sorry! Too many shows. I’ll tell you all about them later, I promise.

Just passing through to remind y’all about the Sippy Cup Everything CMJ Showcase happening this Friday (tomorrow!) at Spike Hill in Williamsburg.

Really now is the perfect time to skip work and drive on down (is there any way to avoid the traffic disaster that is New Haven? Hmmm… fly. Yes.). I’m saying this quite confidently as I’ve already managed to convince people to take half days and go to this instead.

COS IT RULES.  Here, have some order:

5:10pm Pretty & Nice (Boston)
4:20pm Young Mammals (Houston)
3:30pm Slow Animal (New Jersey)
2:40pm Young Adults (Boston)
1:50pm The Big Big Bucks (Boston)
1:00pm Little Racer (NYC)

Now I’m going to give you two new videos and then I am going to go find some pizza and see some bands. I will see you tomorrow!

This JUST came out from the Young Mammals. Like less than 24 hours ago:

Then this is the lovely Big Big Bucks:


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