oh i love the thermals

October 15, 2010 § Leave a comment


And so last night I went to Irving Plaza (have I been there? No, have I been anywhere?) alone to see ’em with Ireland’s So Cow (Again with teh Love) and The Twin Shadow (BK).

Well, that’s a pretty big room eh? I was able to talk on the PHONE between sets and understand what my friend was saying. How often have I been at Great Scott and thought ‘oh I’ll just have a little natter on the phone, volume’s perfect for it’? Lots of corners. Also lots of people sitting down along the wall between/during sets. Is that a NYC thing? Never have I been to one of Boston’s mid-size venues and seen people jonesing to sit on a beer soaked floor. The only time anyone actively sat was at a Julie Doiron show at TT the Bears but that’s because hers is the kind of music you could sit down to listen to. I dunno, whatever, just things that are different and make me wonder. Lots of time to wonder when you go to things alone.

I WANT YOU TO KNOW HOW MUCH SO COW RULE. It felt like I was one of five people in the crowd who knew of these dudes (they took a poll, actually), and really we need to fix this.

And you know The Thermals put on a helluva show, Furbies and all right?

Yeah, I went old school.


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