October 15, 2010 § 1 Comment

IInight. IImorrow. And Sunday! 3 days!

I could spend so much time telling you how much Dan Shea (of Bodies of Water arts and crafts) rules for putting this together, or lauding this band or that, but I’m not going to. But I am going to do two things.

1. Give you this quote, from the Phoenix’s article on the festival:

“I shot for the stars and essentially got what I was looking for, which is fantastic,” Shea enthuses. “I would say that there is a common thread in general attitude. These are bands that are pushing boundaries, either in their music, in their attitude, or the way they go about making their music and representing themselves as bands. Everybody is ‘out there’ in some way. None of these bands are passive or boring bands . . . maybe that’s the thread.” – Mr. Shea

2. Resist all urges to list and link every single band (fifty-three of them. I do have a life), instead telling you to go to www.homegrownfestboston.com.

If I were to even try to list my favs I would never stop. Let’s just say I think it’s pretty cool that he’s recruited bands from Ireland to Northampton.

This is such an excellent thing to happen in JP, I can barely stand it. And all for only $15 a day.

Friday-Sunday at The Temple.


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  • Haben says:

    Hi Everybody
    Just want you all to know that the Boom Boom Satellites will be performing on Oct 19th, 8:55pm at the TT and the Bear in Boston, MA.

    Saw them perform in New York, and they were awesome.

    See you guys there.

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