hallelujah! magic! boy!

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Go to this.

Hallelujah the Hills
Magic Magic
Boy Without God (who I randomly saw in a Brooklyn coffee shop and then proceeded to scare a little I think)

suddenly it’s halloween weekend

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I’ve just been staring at my closet, figuring out what I dress up as for $0. I think I decided on Disco Ball – don’t worry, I will ensure there are no pictures.

Anywho, you should go to Great Scott tonight.

Um yeah, get there early.

The Honors
Vostok 4

we all need to have more fun

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You probably heard that local legend Billy Ruane died yesterday. This is one giant bummer.

All day today, I’ve been wrestling with what exactly to post, or if I should at all. I never spoke to the man, and many people are putting forth some very personal experiences. But the more I’ve read this collection of anecdotes, put together by the Boston Phoenix (updated throughout the day, read now!) the more I wanted to put up my thoughts. Cos what I’ve been learning from all these stories is something I’ve been forgetting lately: We all need to have more fun.

The first time I saw him, that I can remember, was during a Hallelujah the Hills show at Great Scott. All of a sudden, this man in a suit and coat burst up front with a fancy glass of High Life in one hand and a drink for someone on stage in another. He then proceeded to have the best time. Thee best. I need just half of his energy.

Other times I saw him were much the same – he was most enthusiastic, engaged person in the room. “Oh, that’s Billy Ruane!” people’d say. “WHO?” And now I know who he was. He wasn’t “that guy”, oh no. He was Boston music’s greatest advocate for decades, buyer of merchandise and drinks for all, and it’s because of him that the Middle East has music. He loved music and bands and people and wasn’t afraid to let everyone know it.

The last show both he and I attended, he brought a huge amount of pizzas. And more energy than you or I have ever mustered. RIP, Billy Ruane.

If you have a couple minutes, I think you should check out some of the tributes happening on the internet right now. I’ve brought together all the ones I’ve found, because I’d feel silly saying anything else.

Boston.com’s Look at Billy’s Life
Phoenix Arts Editor John Garelick
Can’t Stop the Bleeding
Bill Janovitz

Drug Rug
Sippy Cup
Brooklyn Vegan
Can’t Stop the Bleeding

“Some people hear music, some listen to it, some work on it and a rare few like Billy Ruane experience it as the ecstatic expression of life itself. I can’t really add to Gerard’s portrait except to concur that Billy Ruane was the single greatest music catalyst I’ve ever encountered. He transcended the definitions of “fan” and “promoter” to become a kind of living embodiment of the transforming experience of music, and he made a deep impression on everybody who ever met him.

Salut! One of a kind, Billy Ruane!” – Steve Albini


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Guys! Hey! Sorry! Too many shows. I’ll tell you all about them later, I promise.

Just passing through to remind y’all about the Sippy Cup Everything CMJ Showcase happening this Friday (tomorrow!) at Spike Hill in Williamsburg.

Really now is the perfect time to skip work and drive on down (is there any way to avoid the traffic disaster that is New Haven? Hmmm… fly. Yes.). I’m saying this quite confidently as I’ve already managed to convince people to take half days and go to this instead.

COS IT RULES.  Here, have some order:

5:10pm Pretty & Nice (Boston) http://prettyandnice.com/
4:20pm Young Mammals (Houston) http://youngmammals.com/
3:30pm Slow Animal (New Jersey) http://slowanimal.bandcamp.com/
2:40pm Young Adults (Boston) http://myspace.com/youngadultsband
1:50pm The Big Big Bucks (Boston) http://thebigbigbucks.com/
1:00pm Little Racer (NYC) http://littleracer.bandcamp.com/

Now I’m going to give you two new videos and then I am going to go find some pizza and see some bands. I will see you tomorrow!

This JUST came out from the Young Mammals. Like less than 24 hours ago:

Then this is the lovely Big Big Bucks:


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IInight. IImorrow. And Sunday! 3 days!

I could spend so much time telling you how much Dan Shea (of Bodies of Water arts and crafts) rules for putting this together, or lauding this band or that, but I’m not going to. But I am going to do two things.

1. Give you this quote, from the Phoenix’s article on the festival:

“I shot for the stars and essentially got what I was looking for, which is fantastic,” Shea enthuses. “I would say that there is a common thread in general attitude. These are bands that are pushing boundaries, either in their music, in their attitude, or the way they go about making their music and representing themselves as bands. Everybody is ‘out there’ in some way. None of these bands are passive or boring bands . . . maybe that’s the thread.” – Mr. Shea

2. Resist all urges to list and link every single band (fifty-three of them. I do have a life), instead telling you to go to www.homegrownfestboston.com.

If I were to even try to list my favs I would never stop. Let’s just say I think it’s pretty cool that he’s recruited bands from Ireland to Northampton.

This is such an excellent thing to happen in JP, I can barely stand it. And all for only $15 a day.

Friday-Sunday at The Temple.

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