superfast PSA

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I’m hiding in my bedroom to write this cos I’m gonna be in major trouble when Cat discovers the total anarchy that’s happening in our living room. Go to thiiiis!


check out this flyer

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how can you miss this one?

i am running way late

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But I neeeed to tell you guys about the show at Great Scott tonight!

Sean Bones
You Can Be A Wesley
The Novel Ideas

9 PM $8 18+ YEA!

i should be attempting to pack

August 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

And you probably should be too.
But seriously, how can I concentrate on such things when I find out about supercool free shows such as the one happening at ZuZu tonight?!

Hands and Knees


Colleen Green

Yeah, packing can wait.

tonight! this should rule

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Hey, superquick post before my computer battery decides to peace…

The Big Big Bucks
Young Adults

Phew. This is gonna sell out.

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