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July 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

Hey dudes. Perhaps you are familiar with the thrashtastic Ramming Speed?

Welllll, they’re on tour in Europe and unfortunately their van got broken into, big time. Click on through for information on how you can help the guys out and score sweet merch at the same time!

“At 2pm on Tuesday we parked our van on a busy main street in Florence
Italy and walked three blocks away to get lunch. We came back 45
minutes later to see that a window had been smashed. They took all of
our band money, all of my personal money, a laptop, ipod, passport and
a bunch of other shit like glasses, tour journals etc… we’re
probably out about $5000, which wouldn’t be that bad if we were the
type of band that made money, but it was all cash we were en route to
deliver to various companies/record labels for tshirts, records, van
rental, and gear that was fronted to us for the tour.

We would never ask for straight donations, but we’re working on
getting a limited shirt designed and printed. If anyone wants to send
us $20 or $30 (add an extra $5 if you’re outside the US) we’ll hit you
with that, a pair of Ramming Speed sunglasses (while supplies last)
and a copy of our new “5 Years” tape (containing unreleased and live
songs) as soon as we get home and have time to put it all together.

Since this all just happened, I’m honestly not sure what the shirt
will have on it, but I can see it pretty much going one of two
directions. Either A. something brutal like a big upside down cross,
or B. Something retarded like Rambo eating breakfast at waffle house
while a dolphin jerks off rainbows onto his pancakes, but the rainbows
are made out of alligators and they all have chainsaws for feet.

Those interested can send the money to Orders@TDBRecords.com. Please
put Fucked in Florence as the subject and your address and shirt size
in the message.

In closing, hopefully whatever pig fucker stole our money parties so
hard their veins blow up. Thanks so much to everyone we hung out with
in Italy, especially our man Andrea for helping talk to the cops and
racing me to the US embassy on his scooter. Dio ladro…

That’s the way the cookie crumbles,
-Jonah / Ramming Speed

P.s. we are in Europe for 2 more weeks, anyone that wants a shirt in
person should check out the dates here:


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