July 5, 2010 § 1 Comment


Go to O’Brien’s in Allston:

Weekend Dads, Earthquake Party!, Bambara and 92 Protons. 9 PM 18+ $7.

Or ZuZu’s in Cambridge:

Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion! and The Boyfriends. 10 PM, 21+, Free!

???? Best problem ever.


§ One Response to AHHH

  • The following was written originally as an e-mail, but was not able to be sent. If you are not Kate or Cat Pilgrim, you are not included in the small number of people who will be spared when we destroy Earth*. We thank you for reading, and hope your final months on this planet are pleasant!

    Greetings, the Misses Pilgrim!

    This is Beware The Dangers Of A Ghost Scorpion! (all four of us, currently possessing the human vessel of one young man named Mike) writing to thank you two heartily for the mention of our show on the 5th at Zuzu! We hope you made it and had a great time. Failing that, We hope you saw the most excellent Earthquake Party! and friends and had a great time. At any rate, we appreciate you and promise to spare you when we eventually reduce Earth to a burned out cinder. Please consider this portion of the message to be a love letter!

    Bad Joke:
    What is the ratio of a jack-o-lantern’s circumference to its diameter?
    Pumpkin Pi

    Brunch suggestion:
    Middlesex County Morgue, or if they’re closed, The Neighborhood on Bow Street in Union Square. That place is GREAT! Everything is huge and they have a wonderful patio.

    Thanks again, and we hope to talk soon! Now we have to figure out how to
    leave this unfortunate man’s body without killing him. He has to go to work so he can FEED US, and we really don’t want to go with him!


    *Note to any internet watch-dogs concerned with world destruction, we are “joking”. We have neither the ability or know-how to destroy the world…YET!

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