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There is another show happening tonight that warrants mention.

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have you been to the new milky way?

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Dooo iiiit.

Earthquake Party
Sleepy Very Sleepy

prettaaay nice

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Okay so you either go or don’t go to Drug Rug. But hey that’s not going on all night – what’s next?!

This is also tonight, kids. You’ve heard of Pretty & Nice, I’m sure? Get to know the rest:

Child Bite
Big Bear
Battle House

Middle East Upstairs, 8 PM $10 18+

MFA! today!

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So the other day we got this email from the MFA about Concerts in the Courtyard, a supercool music series. I got all excited cos guess who’s playing tonight? Drug Rug! With tUnE – yArDs.

I’ll warn you – it’s more expensive than things we usually feature but this should be an awesome night. 7:30 PM check out the website for more info!

Man do I love Drug Rug.

tuesday rulesday

July 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

Ah geez, I’m losing my touch.

Just dropping by with some suggestions for your evening.

Ducktails, Big Troubles, Reports. Great Scott 9 PM $7 18+

TWOPLUSTWO with Luau, Huak (ME), Pamola (ME), Drummers. O’Brien’s Pub 8 PM $7 18+

Can this summer never end?

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