boston underground summit 2

April 24, 2010 § Leave a comment


all ages
The Temple
(on the 39 bus line, or Orange Line to Green St.)

Click through for info on bands.

Dan of BOWAAC describes em best…
Prince Rama of Ayodhya ride along the cult treated psychedelic new wave .
Viva Viva rock n roll the hardest and will make the trip from Cambridge to JP like nothin.
<a href=”Ski Mask</a> are going to weird you right out with famous Andy Brown on weird vox.
Quilt are going dribble and drabble all over you with their reverrrrrrrbed little tunes.
Truman Peyote may make you hallucinate, and will follow that up with a deep ass jam.
The Scamps are living the punk n roll dream.
Big Big Bucks will assault your ears with a grunge thing.
Theory Engine are going to inject this thing with the necessary beats.
Young Adults party with their off-garage all the time.
Lord Jeff are on Thurston Moore’s record label, and yes they live here.

The Temple is a new beautiful show space/recording studio located above City Feed, on Centre St. in Jamaica Plain.
Come check it out, and look forward to more Bodies of Water shows happening here!


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