let’s talk about johnny cash

April 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

Enough of this newfangled stuff.

The Nave Gallery is up to something very cool. Over in Somerville (155 Powderhouse Blvd), they will be hosting an exhibition on Mr. Cash from April 10 to May 2 (“The Beast in Me – Johnny Cash: Art Influenced by the Struggle of a Man”).

To celebrate the opening (details after the break), there will be a brilliant Johnny Cash tribute show at PA’s Lounge tonight! Autumn Hollow Band, Coyote Kolb, Indian Style, Jesse Gallagher (from Apollo Sunshine), Movers & Shakers, The New Highway Hymnal, Sleepy Very Sleepy. Just $10 for all these wicked bands, paying tribute to THE MAN. Starts at 8.

Exhibition details (let’s go!):
Bad men and bad women—we’ve all met them, we’ve all been ’em. This exhibit aims to recognize that sometimes the worst parts of humanity attend to its virtue; that the actual measure of man’s vitality is the labor to accept our inherit ill will but to not be bent—too much—by it.

The exhibit features the work of over 15 artists working in diverse mediums: Justin Augspurg, Sam Ballardini, Timothy Briner, Cathie Boucher, Rama Brown, Anastasia Cazabon, Mary Galli, Robin Mae Gawron, Raul Gonzalez, Mikael Kennedy, Martha McCollough, Greer Muldowney, Thea Paneth, and Neil Wyatt.

A special highlight to the exhibit will be video clips from the documentary, JOHNNY CASH AT FOLSOM PRISON, produced by Boston-based Northern Light Productions and directed by Bestor Cram.


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