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April 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’m not a good blogger.

First, Easter happened (I’m done with ham for the awhile I think) and wiffle ball drained me of all energy. Then, I discovered that it’s really hard to entertain visitors (they do love the Freedom Trail) and update a blog at the same time.

This, however, should keep you busy for the next few days; 17 reasons why I get excited about local music.

Please go here and download this.

It’s got the Bucks! And Quilt! And Girlfriends! And good lord, Hands and Knees and Doomstar! and Young Adults I LOVE BOSTON. Everyone say thank you to the dudes at As Built PR.

‘Keep reading’ for tracklisting…

1. Andy Menudo – “What’s so Good About the Good Old Days”
2. Hands and Knees – “Sitting at the Piano Disappearing” *
3. Girlfriends – “Good To Be True”
4. Young Mammals – “Confetti” * (Houston, TX)
5. Doomstar! – “Rainbow Bloodsucker”
6. WALLcreeper – “Should Have Known Better”
7. Aficionado – “I Don’t Believe We’ve Met” (Albany, NY)
8. MiniBoone – “Devil In Your Eyes” (New York, NY)
9. The Big Big Bucks – “Futurecar”
10. Young Adults – “Annulation”
11. Guillermo Sexo – “Neon Lights” *
12. The Beatings – “All the Things You’ve Been Missing”
13. Broken River Prophet – “Scraping a Living” *
14. Seamonster – “Oh, Appalachia”
15. The Points North – “Girl From the North Country” Bob Dylan Cover
16. Ketman – “Picaro” *
17. Quilt – “False Eto”

(* = unreleased. Ooh! A music snob’s dream!)

I have a sunburn.


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