hey guys

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Let’s talk about earthquake party! and Bearstronaut.

You see, as per the post below, they are playing the House of Blues Front Room tonight. For zero bones.

Two tooootally different bands with DJ Die Young on the decks? Cool!

‘Talk about’ was a bit of a misnomer – I am loathe to attempt to describe bands on my own accord. You know what you like and I bet you’ll like one of these. Click on through for more.

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have you been to house of blues yet?

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I haven’t. Only a very special show will allow me to stomach a ticket price over $20. You know.

But hey, here’s our chance… the Front Room at the House of Blues is going rogue!
Free shows from some ridiculous local bands. I am so into this.

i don’t know how i feel about music polls

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But I do know that I like the “Garage/Psych” section of this year’s Boston Phoenix Best Music Poll.

Hands and Knees
Major Stars
Needy Visions
Thick Shakes

This is like everything that’s great about my life right now. I knoooow, people who write about music are known for being more hyperbolic than the weatherman but sheesh. If you aren’t familiar with each and every one of these bands, fix this right now.

PS –  Today I figured out that two of these bands have covered the same Vaselines song. I love that song.

boston underground summit 2

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all ages
The Temple
(on the 39 bus line, or Orange Line to Green St.)

Click through for info on bands.

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stayin in tonight?

April 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

Lucky you.

Please make sure your radio is turned to 95.3 FM at the stroke of 10 PM, for Harvard’s Record Hospital will be featuring a live performance from these cool kids.

Because, you see, Young Adults are one of those bands you should be paying attention to.
I really dig their demo, too. More on that when I’m not late for work.

PS – http://whrb.org/ if you don’t believe in radios anymore

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