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March 25, 2010 § 1 Comment

So far today, you’ve skipped breakfast, downed mad coffee, picked on leftovers for lunch, and, yaknow… slayed some dragons. The day’s moving along quite nicely, but it could be better. You start daydreaming about the night that awaits you.

Who will you meet? What band will become your new favorite? What venue bathroom wall will you scrawl your phone number on? It’s all up to you.

No pressure or anything, but here are you options.  Do you feel like…

A. Getting with it, doing the Shake, the Block, and the Bang?

Thee Vicars (UK), Pirate Love (Oslo), Thick Shakes – O’Brien’s Pub 9 PM, $7
Gosh I already love Thick Shakes and I think I just fell hard for Thee Vicars.

B. Sticking to yer roots with some Boston rock?

annie*rock presents Thursday Night ALRIGHT! with Aloud, The Beatings, Action Camp, Hello Ninja – Great Scott, 9 PM, $9

C. Finding out what ‘flower-punk’ means? That’d be the Black Lips, apparently. I have no flyer for you, here’s a picture:

Middle East Downstairs with Movers & Shakers and Box Elders 8 PM, 18+, $14.

D. Ordering some pizza and passing out on the couch while Friends reruns blare in the background?

CHOOSE WISELY! It will change everything.


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