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March 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

Whitehaus Family Record blows my mind.
Nestled in the friendly confines of Jamaica Plain, the Whitehaus Family is a collection of super talented people doing spectacular things.

Exhibit A:

Tomorrow (Saturday! the 20th!) is their third annual BLASTFEST, taking over the Cambridge YMCA with a zillion bands AND a zine extravaganza. It’d be silly for me to write more when they put it so well themselves, so click “READ MORE” and get psyched yea?

“Step right up, hear ye hear ye, All eyes on you!!!  The Whitehaus Family Record is gushingly pleased (and proud as pie to boot) to announce the annual Blastfest!!!  In our third annum, the lights will be brighter, the stages will be doubled,  the admission will be cheap, new friends will arrive, the tunes will send chills through your tired neck, spine, and soul.  We started with some folks just getting together to read poems and sing songs and open some doors.   Time has passed, you have evolved, we have eclipsed, and Blastfest has emerged as a realistic culture and a phenomena of entertainment, honesty, truth sharing, hugs, Americana, mind altering substrates, confetti, kisses, PB&J’s, culture shock, good times, homefeeling, hallowed walls and sacred halls, with a personal touch that just demands, just requires, just insists that you gotta come down and check it out.

Before I let you go let’s run down a few more points here.  In addition to the 22 or so bands we have lined up for the ol festival, The Whitehaus Family Record is super psyched to announce March 20th as the release date of our first ever vinyl mix tape, “The Whitehaus Family Record “Family Record”.  26 tracks.  The sound of the Whitehaus Family Record, according to March 20th 2010.  This is a document that expires the moment before it is enjoyed, and may even throw that switch that opens those doors that you mighta thought were walls that you mighta forgot at all…  ALL THE HITS! DEEP CUTS! LIMITED QUANTITIES!

The Zinesters.  So we got to thinking “Maybe it might be good to get some other folks involved in Blastfest to keep blowing the doors off the thoughts we usually think?”  Enter The Papercut Zine Library.  Dedicated to the proliferation and presentation and preservation of the zine.   Her ancestors include the broadside, the folio, and the pamphlet, but a zine is an idea that transforms communication beyond just the words on the page.  A zine can be loosely defined as an underground publication that is independently produced and self-published, typically photocopied. People make zines out if a desire to share stories, knowledge, thoughts, opinions, and experiences. Zines are made for love, not for profit.  Wow.  This is sick.  For one day only, The Papercut Zine Library has curated a killer collection of some of the best zinesters in New England to “table” their wares for the good of all mankind.  (focused especially on the folks who go to Blastfest 3, just sayin’).  Come for the zines, stay for the tunes.  Come for the tunes, stay for the zines.  Come for the zines and the tunes.  Sweet!
Other bonuses for attending…Comic jam on the wall…Free PB+J’z….Chance to be totally turned on…Tons of cool merch from all your favorite bands…Lenora is going to be there…What weird stage this time?…Participation is a musta busta!

(that text came from here, cheers!)

Some links, cos googling is so hard I know.
Avi Jacob, Gregory J Mullen, Manners, Shai Erlichman, The Needy Visions, Duck That, The Woodrow Wilsons, Wolf Woolf, Tulsa, Ambitious Tugboat, Concord Ballet Orchestra Players, Debbie and the Bullets, Casey Rocheteau, Apollo Sunshine, Rene, Boy without God, James Lindsey, The Great Valley, The French Cops, Girlfriends, The Meadowlarks, Turtle Ambulance



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