oh, happy valentine’s?

February 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

Hey, reader, I like you.

If I could, I would wine and dine each and every one of you. But, let’s be real, you just want to be friends. That’s cool, I still want to make sure your Valentine’s Day is better than most.

Thing is, I just don’t know how to push your buttons, so I’m going to leave the decision making up to you.

Maybe you’re in the mood for the kind of ‘rock’ that makes you think you’re an excellent dancer? Leave your beer on the bar and forget your name kind of fun? If so, you should go to Church. A bunch of scousers are making the trip from the UK (The Arkanes, they are on the NME’s radar, apparently) to party with The New Frustrations and Forest Henderson.

If punk rock is more your poison, be here:

Here are some links (Dear Scamps, I would like you to have a MySpace/muxtape/thing)
The Maine Coons

Dr Bin Laden
The Tired Times
Four Eyes

That’s all I got; please, don’t you dare wallow. You’re too pretty for that.


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